Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rise Up!

I don't mean to keep posting songs, but the words to this one just seem so relevant.

Rise Up! Rise up!

dear preacher, thanks for making time for me today
hope you don't mind if i hide behind the curtain
it's been fifteen years since my last confession
by your good book's standards, I've sinned like a champion
but that book seems a tad bit out-dated

please forgive me, for questioning divinity
it's an ugly job, but i think I'm up for it
I'm not saying who's right
I'm just saying there's more than one way
to skin a religion
there's more than one way
to explain our existence

reverend, sir, i don't want to seem malevolent
my teenage angst is far behind me
but father, certainly it's troubling to see
all these people kneeling, instead of dealing
with the fact that we are all we have

so, rise up! rise up!
there's no one to worship!
but plenty of life to lose!
I'm not saying "let's burn down the church"
but do you want to hear my confession?
it's my greatest sin..

okay, here it is:
i wasted half my life on the thought that I'd live forever!
i wasn't raised, to seize the day, but to work and worship
'cause "he that liveth and believeth" supposedly never dies

rise up! rise up!
and live a full life!
'cause when it's over, it's done
so rise up! rise up!
dance and scream and love!

[barely audible outro]
you're not the chosen one
and I'm not the chosen one


  1. Love it. I didn't listen to the song, just read the lyrics which are well written. Now if only someone wrote a Jewish version... lol

  2. Hey Brother,

    Nice blog you got going on, I dig it. The thing that I wonder about is whether the "OTD" label is no more than a replacement to "ON TD", if you know what I mean.

    I don't think I am referring to you specifically, but as I read many of the OTD blogs, I cannot help but think that the people who have gone OTD (I think the whole derech idea is bullshit and is a label for the weak) now need to re-create the sense of structure and community that they run from.

    What am I getting at? Just ramblin' I guess. But to me this seems like a much larger picture of human being's need for acceptance.

    Everybody needs somebody sometime......

    God (if he is around....) Bless.